11.08.2019 0

Why are Democrats impeaching Trump for temporarily withholding military assistance to Ukraine?

The President has authority to withhold appropriated funds under law, including military assistance to Ukraine while considering a deferral or rescission:

Congressional Democrats appear ready to vote to impeach and remove President Trump for even considering requesting a rescission of military funding to Ukraine, which he’s allowed to do under the Impoundment Control Act. Now, that might be cause to perhaps to ham out a legal dispute in U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia over the limits of fiscal apportionment and rescission law. That’s not a high crime, misdemeanor, treason or bribery, it’s a dispute between the branches over what the letter of the law means. In the end, however, no rescissions were even sought, and certainly none carrying through the end of the fiscal year, and all the monies were ultimately spent, rendering the question moot. This is what Democrats want to overturn the 2016 election over? C’mon.

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