12.03.2019 0

Administrative state coup against Trump proves it answers to no one, neither Congress nor President

Machiavelli and Hamilton both predicted the administrative state coup against President Trump:


When President Donald Trump began running for President in 2015, little did he or the nation know (although Niccolo Machiavelli and Alexander Hamilton might not have been surprised) that Trump was about to be elected and that he would have to contend with unprecedented sabotage by the administrative state — via intelligence agencies and the Justice Department — that sought to falsely frame he and his campaign as Russian agents even though it was not true with little to no oversight by the either the elected Congress or President, and then afterward sought to remove him when he did not pursue the policies they liked. Both Machiavelli and Hamilton had warnings that excessive factionalization of the executive are dangerous to a nation and, lasting too long ,can lead to corruption of the civil society as a whole and loss of liberty. Now that it is upon us, the question is what is to be done about it?

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