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Comey says he had no idea Christopher Steele’s primary source contradicted key Russia claims to FBI

Comey would spy on the Trump campaign on fake Russia charges all over again knowing what he knows now:

No attempt was made to corroborate allegations by former British spy Christopher Steele by interviewing his sources until after the allegations were published by Buzzfeed on Jan. 10, 2017 and subsequently discredited. According to the Horowitz report, “the FBI’s interview with Steele’s Primary Subsource in January 2017, shortly after the FBI filed the Carter Page FISA Renewal Application No. 1 and months prior to Renewal Application No. 2, raised doubts about the reliability of Steele’s descriptions of information in his election reports.” The FISA warrant against then-Trump campaign was approved on Oct.21, 2019, subject to renewal within 90 days. According to Horowitz, the renewal application was put in on Jan. 12, 2017 and was renewed on Jan. 13, 2017. Which is after Buzzfeed published the dossier by former British spy Christopher Steele on Jan. 10, 2017. But former disgraced FBI Director James Comey still thinks Steele could have been right, telling Fox News’ Chris Wallace: “that doesn’t drive a conclusion that Steele’s reporting is bunk. I mean, there’s a number of tricky things to that. First, you’re interviewing the sub-source after all of the reporting has become public. And so, as a counterintelligence investigator, you have to think, ‘Is he walking away from it because it’s now public?’… This is when it blew up, when it was published by whatever the outfit is — BuzzFeed. It was all over the news and had become a big deal… [but] I didn’t know what they’d learned from the sub-source. I didn’t know the particulars of the investigation.” You can’t make this stuff up. They were spying on a presidential campaign and the FBI Directors says he wasn’t conducting oversight. How could this happen in America?

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