12.18.2019 0

Dems want the Senate to do what the House failed to do and make the case to impeach President Trump

It’s not up to the Senate to make the House’s case for impeaching President Trump on the House’s behalf:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rips Democrats’ impeachment of President Donald Trump and for rushing through the process, stating, “Chairman Adam Schiff and House Democrats actively decided not to go to court and pursue potentially useful witnesses because they didn’t want to wait for due process. Indeed, they threatened to impeach the President if they had to go to court at all. That intentional, political decision is the reason why the House is poised to send the Senate the thinnest, least thorough presidential impeachment in our nation’s history. By any ordinary legal standard, what House Democrats have assembled appears to be woefully inadequate to prove what they want to allege. So now the Senate Democratic Leader would apparently like our chamber to do House Democrats’ homework for them. He wants to volunteer the Senate’s time and energy on a fishing expedition to see whether his own ideas could make Chairman Schiff’s sloppy work more persuasive than Chairman Schiff himself bothered to make it.” Here, McConnell has a point. The House has made a mess of its impeachment sham hearings and have utterly failed to build a bipartisan consensus for removing President Trump, and instead has united Republicans around their leader headed into the 2020 reelection cycle. In other words, the House has obstructed itself by not pursuing its own rights, in this case, in federal court where they might be expeditiously adjudicated. The Senate is under exactly zero obligation to make the case for impeachment on behalf of the House. Maybe House Democrats should impeach themselves for doing such a poor job. What do you think?

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