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Eric Holder and Wapo threaten U.S. Attorney John Durham for looking into spygate

By Bill Wilson

We’ve all heard the joke.  A thuggish looking guy walks into a business he is trying to shakedown and says, “Nice little store you have here.  It’d be a shame if something happened to it.” Wink, wink. The message is crystal clear; do what the bully wants or else something really bad is going to happen.

This scene has now played out in real life. In a so-called “news” article in the Washington Post recently, “Experts fear Durham’s Reputation at Risk in FBI Probe,” the newsletter for the deep state openly threatened U.S. Attorney John Durham who is looking into abuses by intelligence agencies and the Justice Department in launching the bogus witch hunt against President Donald Trump under false allegations that he and his campaign were Russian agents.

With zero news in the article, with nothing more than opinion, conjecture and rumor, the writers assert that Mr. Durham is risking “his reputation” by pressing the matter of criminality inside the FBI and the Department of Justice.

The writers — I refuse to call them “reporters” — use no less a voice than former Attorney General Eric Holder to make their point. This is the same Eric Holder who was found to be in contempt of Congress.  The same Eric Holder who let people die and then walked away in his failed guns to terrorist scam Fast and Furious. And, the same Eric Holder who twisted the law in outright contortions to defend the unconstitutional actions of the Obama regime.

The Post blatantly lays out the picture. Durham has been a respected, truthful and honorable authority.  But now he is looking into actions and people that the established D.C. order wants to protect. The piece hauls out a few shills to mouth the warnings but the main actor is Holder.

A couple of things immediately jump to mind.

First, to be thought of as “dishonorable” by Eric Holder is a high compliment. He has a record of partisan, radical politics that goes back a generation. He was by far the most incompetent and political Attorney General since Maurice Stans. Unless you are looking to get an endorsement for a Marxist essay contest, his word is simply not worth considering.

Second, having Holder take an increasingly public profile on the issue of investigating the conspiracy and probable crimes is a big “tell.” What is Holder and his crew afraid of? How far into the Obama White House did the illegal spying on the Trump campaign go? We do know that disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok wrote that the White House knew all about their efforts and was instructed to keep them informed. Who was that exactly?

The whole thing smells like a desperate effort to keep anyone from asking those questions because it may in fact lead to some very high places. Given that Holder has been Obama’s attack dog you have to assume that is who Holder is seeking to defend.

Regardless of the motivations and goals of the likes of Eric Holder, the fact that the Washington Post would engage in this type of a slur is a story unto itself. This story had one goal, to raise the specter of retaliation against Mr. Durham if he went into areas the rotting establishment wants left alone. It was thuggery in the most fundamental form.

And, it shows the near-panic levels of fear that the Deep State is experiencing. They are about to be fully exposed, their vile games and manipulations evident for all to see.

May Mr. Durham and Attorney General Barr find the strength and courage to go all the way with this, to bring these rouge officials to justice. If they can do so, the entire nation will owe them a huge debt, for they will have saved the Republic from a band of radical authoritarians. And may the Washington Post and its staff and owners reap the disdain and consequences they so richly deserve.

Bill Wilson is the President of the Market Research Foundation and a former board member and former President of Americans for Limited Government. 

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