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Cancel culture is fueling Trump’s silent majority in 2020, you just watch

Has cancel culture created a silent majority for Trump? You better believe it.

In 2016, President Donald Trump consistently underperformed in presidential election polls versus actual voting results leading up to his historic victory against Hillary Clinton. In Florida, polls underreported Trump support by 2 percentage points, in North Carolina by 3.3 percentage points, in Ohio by 5.5 percentage points, in Pennsylvania by 3.5 percentage points and Michigan by 4.1 percentage points. Specifically, Trump garnered 49 percent of the vote in Florida, 49.8 percent of the vote in North Carolina, 51.7 percent of the vote in Ohio, 48.2 percent of the vote in Pennsylvania and 47.5 percent of the vote in Michigan. How could this be? In 2016, there was a lot of social pressure among families, friends and even professionally. If you were a Trump supporter, you could expect personal ostracization from peers and employers. You might be called a bigot. A racist. A fascist. A Nazi. You name it. And so, 2016 was a notoriously hard year to poll politically, given the fear of repercussions among Trump supporters. In 2020, the climate of social fear is arguably even worse. It’s cancel culture run amuck. What do you think?

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