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08.18.2020 0

USPS warns states mail-in ballot deadlines won’t work w/ delivery times, Pelosi declares conspiracy

Pelosi’s claim that Trump’s 2018 Postal Service reforms were intended to ‘sabotage the election’ in 2020 amid Covid is a conspiracy theory:

To hear House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tell it, President Donald Trump’s efforts to reform the Postal Service — which began with an April 2018 executive order appointing a task force to bring USPS into solvency almost two years before there was any COVID-19 pandemic — were intended to undermine increased requests for mail-in and absentee ballots in 2020 in response to the pandemic. In an Aug. 16 dear colleague letter, Pelosi alleged, “Alarmingly, across the nation, we see the devastating effects of the President’s campaign to sabotage the election by manipulating the Postal Service to disenfranchise voters… [with] sweeping new operational changes that degrade postal service, delay the mail, and… threaten to deny the ability of eligible Americans to cast their votes through the mail in the upcoming elections in a timely fashion.” It’s a conspiracy theory. For it to be true, Trump and the Postal Service had to know in 2018 there would be a global pandemic in 2020 and that states would extend deadlines associated with mail-in and absentee ballots which would preclude timely delivery by the Postal Service. In reality the Postal Service is warning states that voters should request ballots at least 15 days before Election Day, or Oct.19, that election officials should use first-class mail and not third-class mail to send blank ballots and allow one week for delivery to voters, and that voters should mail in their ballots no later than Oct. 27, a week before the election on Nov. 3, in order to be counted in time. And that it first class mail takes 2-5 days to deliver and receives higher priority than third-class or marketing mail, which can take 3-10 days to deliver. The truth is, Pelosi wants $25 billion for the Postal Service including $3.3 billion for mail-in voting and she’s holding up President Trump’s request for more relief for small business forgivable loans and checks to the American people, who have been hard hit by the pandemic and its economic fallout. What do you make of Pelosi’s postal hysteria?

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