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Amy Coney Barrett: A New Type Of Feminist Leader

Judge Amy Coney Barrett: a new brand of feminism.
I’m Catherine Mortensen with the ALG Minute.

While her success is built upon the trailblazing work of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she takes feminism in a new direction. She has reached the pinnacle of her career while still raising children.

Feminism has turned a corner. With past women justice nominees, it felt like their gender defined them. It seems different with Barrett. President Trump selected her because of her extraordinary intellectual gifts and her commitment to an originalist view of the Constitution, not her gender.

For many young women today, feminism has a negative connotation. Old school feminists are often seen as harsh, combative, and judgmental. Many women would prefer to be seen as smart, strong, and compassionate. We have a feminist ideal. An ideal that allows women to be a parent, a spouse, a community volunteer, and still succeed in careers.

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