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Covid Calls For Creative Solutions

Is herd immunity the key to opening our schools and economy?

With the ALG Minute, I’m Catherine Mortensen.

More than 34,000 medical doctors and scientists from around the world have signed the Great Barrington Declaration opposing Covid lockdowns. The Declaration states the measures are causing “irreparable damage” to the economy and to the futures of students who are falling behind.

Instead of shutting everything down until a vaccine is available, these doctors say focus should be on minimizing mortality and social harm until herd immunity is reached.

Rather than harming all kids through school shutdowns, school districts should allow parents to choose whether their children are ready to re-enter the classroom or not. Parents should be empowered to make this critical choice for the future of their own kids. The COVID crisis has created unique challenges and it is time for school districts as well as state and local governments to engage in creative flexibility so that we can move forward while recognizing the dangers inherent for particularly vulnerable populations.

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