10.31.2020 0

Gallup: 70+% D’s avoid public places. Are Democrats suppressing their own turnout with Covid fear?

Will maximum Covid fear keep Democrats at home on Election Day?

Data from Gallup suggests Democrats are far more fearful of the virus: 70 percent of Democratic men and 73 percent of Democratic women say they avoid going to public places versus 31 percent of Republican men and 38 percent of Republican women. Overall, nationwide, 90.3 million ballots have been requested (this also includes California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Utah that mailed out ballots to every registered voter), but only 52.9 million of those have been returned, or 58 percent. Meaning the campaign of Covid fear by news outlets could actually be helping Republicans by suppressing Democratic turnout more than it suppresses GOP turnout. What’s your prediction?


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