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Joe Biden’s Top Five Job-Killing Policies

Number 1. – A $15-an-hour minimum wage

This could cost the U.S. as many as two million jobs, according to a new report from the Employment Policies Institute.

Number 2 – Green New Deal

Biden’s energy plans would destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs, harm American manufacturing, and destroy $2.5 trillion in gross domestic product by the year 2035.

Number 3 – Right-to-work laws

Biden’s labor agenda is would force millions of workers to join a union and pay union dues.

Number 4 – Higher taxes

Biden wants to repeal the Trump tax cut.

Number 5. Another Covid lockdown

Biden says he would “lock down” the economy again to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Biden’s only experience with job creation, has been creating jobs for his son, Hunter, through graft and corruption.

Under Biden, millions of American workers would lose their jobs, families would struggle to pay higher taxes, and many would be forced into unions against their will.

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