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Media Whitewashes Biden’s Lies

I’m Catherine Mortensen with the ALG Minute.
Reuters fact checked a story published two weeks ago in the Washington Times about Joe Biden’s claim that he “got started” at the historically black college, Delaware State University. University officials told the paper Biden was never a student.
An open-and-shut-case, right? Biden lied.
Not according to Reuters. They concluded the story was False because Biden was likely referring to the support he received when he launched his first senate bid at the campus in 1972.
Biden’s claim, which he made to an audience of mostly African-American voters in South Carolina, was clearly an attempt to pander to a voting bloc he desperately needed to win the Democratic nomination.
Biden has spent his career embellishing or outright lying about many aspects of his life.
The crack team of fact checkers at Reuters either doesn’t know Biden’s past, or didn’t bother to check. Just another reason why Americans don’t trust the media.
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