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Trump 2-for-1: Jobs and Security

A Trump Two-For-One: Creating Jobs, Protecting National Security

I’m Catherine Mortensen with the ALG Minute.

President Donald Trump has made it clear, he is keeping his promise to put America first. The latest example is in the area of energy independence. The President recently took executive action to ensure that our economic prosperity and national security do not depend on importing natural resources from our adversaries.

His new executive order will allow America to expand our domestic mining industry, create well-paying jobs, and reduce our dependence on China for critical, rare earth minerals by reducing unnecessary permitting delays. The president’s actions also ensures America’s military dominance will not depend on natural resources from China.

We have all these resources within our own borders. But we have allowed counties like China and Russia to lock them up. Congress and past administrations have made it harder and harder to develop what resources we still have access to.

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