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Trump 4 years of success vs. Biden 47 years of failure

By Catherine Mortensen

President Donald Trump has accomplished more in four years in Washington, D.C. than Biden has accomplished in 47 years.  But don’t take our word for it, former president Barrack Obama makes the case for us. In a speech last week in Philadelphia, widely praised by the media as a  “scathing takedown of Trump,”  Obama didn’t name a single accomplishment of his former vice president. In 32 minutes, Obama couldn’t name a single Biden accomplishment. Not one. That is a scathing takedown of Biden, not Trump.

A side-by-side comparison of Trump vs. Biden makes it clear that Trump gets it right. Biden gets it wrong. Trump succeeds. Biden fails.  Again. And Again. And Again.


Trump Biden
Ended job-killing NAFTA trade deal Voted for job-killing NAFTA trade deal
Ended Transpacific Partnership trade deal Negotiated Transpacific Partnership trade deal
Imposed historic tariffs on Chinese goods to confront China’s unfair trade practices Voted for Permanent Normal Relations with China


Trump Biden
Brought down Medicare premiums 34% Several million Americans lost health insurance under Obamacare
Repealed Obamacare mandate Wants public option (socialized medicine)

Peace through Strength

Trump Biden
Defeated ISIS in Syria and Iraq Withdrew from Iraq, created power vacuum, backed ISIS in Syria
Brought terrorists Al-Baghdadi and Soleimani to justice Set terrorists free from Guantanamo
Ended the cycle of endless wars Opposed the Bin Laden raid
Imposed tough sanctions on Iran Fast tracked Iran nuclear deal that endangered national security and allies
Kept the peace with North Korea Brought U.S. to brink of nuclear war with North Korea
Brokered 4 historic peace deals Brought U.S.-Israeli & U.S.-Arab relations to all-time low, favored Iran

Standing Up to China

Trump Biden
Rebuilt our Navy to stand up to China Decimated our Navy
Combatting China’s efforts to undermine our national security Did nothing while China built man-made islands in South China Sea, threatening U.S. allies
Divested federal pension funds from China Negotiated sweetheart deal allowing 156 Chinese companies to be listed on U.S. exchanges with $1.2 trillion market capitalization
Halted U.S. funding to the World Health Organization to counter their dangerous bias towards China On “day one” would rejoin the World Health Organization
Blocked imports from China’s Xinjiang province where as many as 3 million Chinese Uighurs are in concentration camps Turned blind eye to genocide while Biden family made millions from China

Lifting Up Forgotten Communities

Trump Biden
Enacted legislation that led to nearly 9,000 Opportunity Zones Waged war on police, endangering black urban communities
Secured permanent funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities Falsely claimed to have “gotten his start” at a Delaware State University, a Historically Black University
Pre-pandemic, record-low unemployment for Hispanic-Americans, African Americans, and Asian-Americans Took almost 5 years to recover jobs lost in 2008-2009 recession, prolonged poverty and unemployment in black communities
Enacted historic criminal justice reform   Wrote and voted for 1994 crime bill that imprisoned tens of thousands of African Americans

Tax Reform

Trump Biden
Signed largest package of tax cuts and reforms in history Voted for the Clinton tax hike
Doubled Child Tax Credit Allowed Bush tax cuts to expire

Coronavirus Response

Trump Biden
Launched Operation Warp Speed to develop, manufacture, and distribute safe and effective vaccines An “anti-vaccer” telling supporters not to trust “the president’s vaccine”
Billions of pieces of PPE and over one hundred thousand ventilators have been manufactured or delivered Left country with depleted reserve of PPE after bungling swine flu pandemic
Created the most effective and largest testing system for the coronavirus anywhere in the world Running on fear, mischaracterizing the data to create a public panic
Shut border with China Called Trump xenophobic
Wants to safely reopen economy Would shut economy down again

American Energy

Trump Biden
Record oil and natural gas production and expanded exports Would end all fossil fuels by 2035
Ended Obama’s war on coal Waged war on coal with the “clean power plan”
Withdrew from the job-killing Paris Climate Accords Entered the job-killing Paris Climate Accords
Approved new pipelines, including the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines Opposed new pipelines
Expanded fracking Would end fracking

Border Security

Trump Biden
Built 370 miles of border wall (more coming!) Would not build one more foot
Ended “catch-and-release” at border Perfected “catch and release” at border
Reduced asylum fraud Expedited and encouraged asylum fraud
Deported tens of thousands of illegal gang members and hundreds of thousands of criminal illegal aliens Built cages along the border

Catherine Mortensen is the Vice President of Communications at Americans for Limited Government.

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