11.05.2020 0

Roll Back Mail-In Voting

Is it time to rethink mail-in ballots? With the ALG Minute, I’m Catherine Mortensen.
The nation may not know the results of the presidential election and many senate races for days, even weeks. All because of mail-in voting. Mail-in ballots are injecting uncertainty, drama, and potential litigation into our elections. None of this is good. States ought to roll back mail-in voting to what it used to be – reserved for those in the military and others with extenuating circumstances. Until recently, voting was one of the few remaining civic activities that unified us as a nation. Election Day mattered. We showed up the polls with our neighbors and voted together on the same day. Not only does mail-in voting further unravel our civic bonds, it undermines our faith in election results. There are just too many cases of ballots mysteriously appearing out of nowhere and other ballots showing up in ditches or tossed in the garbage.

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