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Squad member Ilhan Omar calls Trump rallies ‘klan rallies’

In an interview with the Washington Post, Rep. Ilhan Omar smeared the good names of millions of Americans who have supported and continue to President Trump. Here’s what she doesn’t understand.

By Catherine Mortensen

This past weekend I joined with tens-of-thousands of fellow patriots in Washington, D.C. to show my support for President Donald Trump. I was shocked (not!) to read in the Washington Post that Rep. Ilhan Omer called the event a “klan rally.” 

Attending the rally was my way of thanking President Trump for being my voice in Washington and fighting for me these past four years. I have never seen a president fight harder than Trump to protect my individual rights and freedoms. No one has ever worked harder to earn my vote and my trust.  I wanted the President to know that I am still with him and that I support his efforts to root out voter fraud and protect the integrity of every vote. 

But,  I got more than I gave that day. I met fabulous people from all over the country who inspired me and gave me renewed hope for our country. 

On the train in from the Virginia suburbs my friend and I met a couple from Bulgaria. They were excited to attend the rally, saying, “We come from Communist country. We know what it is like to live under socialism and communism. You don’t want that in America.” Two young Marines from Camp Lejeune offered me and my friend their seats on the train. The polite young patriots had driven up for the rally from North Carolina.  I felt bad for them knowing how expensive hotels are in this area, and wished I had thought to offer young people such as them a room in my house (maybe next time).

The rally started with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. It was a powerful statement about the purpose of the event.  

I interviewed a pastor who came from Texas to be part of the rally. Pastor Brian Gibson shared with me his fight to reopen churches during the pandemic. He estimates that about a third of all church goers may never return to church after the Covid restrictions are lifted. He is making it his mission to fight government overreach that is preventing people from attending church services. He talked about how America has always been a source of light and goodness.

 Of course, our country is not perfect, but we are a generous nation. We are a God-fearing nation. I am sick and tired of politicians and liberal elites constantly criticizing our country. Instead of celebrating  America’s strengths, they focus on her  weaknesses. America’s liberal elite do not have an uplifting message. Instead they seek to tear down and destroy the country my ancestors helped build and die for. 

My great uncle  died in battle in the South Pacific during World War II. My grandfather worked in the copper mines in Utah and later built ships in Kennewick, Washington during the war.  My father served  in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. He returned home and spent the next twenty-five years  as a career Air Force officer. Many of his fellow pilots from the Air Force Academy never came home, never got to raise a family or know their grandchildren. Only once has my father talked about those classmates with me.  Though he did share with me the story of a buddy whose favorite song was Glen Campbell’s “Galveston,” popular in the late sixties and early seventies. His friend was from Galveston, Texas and when he died in the war, my father was assigned the duty of informing his wife that her husband would never come home. My dad said every time he hears that song, he’s reminded of his friend. 

 When  the election results came in two weeks ago, my father shared with me that he sat and cried for an hour and-a-half. “The only other time I’ve ever cried like that was after my mother died,” he said.  I didn’t have to ask him why he cried. I knew. He was crying because he sees the America he grew up in and fought for slipping away.  He and I both believe Trump was turning things around, yes, Making America Great Again!

In the faces of everyone in that Trump rally I saw hope and vision. The America I saw in that crowd was nothing like the dim view of America held by the Ilhan Omar’s of the world. What I saw that day gave me hope that America’s brightest days are yet to come.

Catherine Mortensen is Vice President of Americans for Limited Government.

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