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Trump lawyer alleges ‘Massive election fraud’

Counterintelligence expert points finger at Cuba, Russia, China

By Catherine Mortensen

Attorney Sydney Powell who is helping uncover alleged voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election said over the weekend that “President Trump won this election in a landslide. It is irrefutable.”  Powell claims to have hard evidence that voting hardware from Dominion Systems and software from their partner Smartmatic were “designed expressly for the purpose [of] shifting votes.”

Powell, who also worked to clear Gen. Michael Flynn of criminal charges connected to the fake Russian collusion story, added, “[Dominion and Smartmatic systems and software have] been used all over the world to defy the will of the people who wanted freedom.”

Counterintelligence expert Mike Waller, Senior Analyst for Strategy at the Center for Security Policy, said Dominion Systems was used in Venezuela elections in the past “and there was Cuban involvement.”  He is warning Americans that we cannot be naïve about Cuba because “it’s not some helpless little island that is victim of ‘American imperialism.’ Apart from Russia, it is the last Soviet block country to have a world-class surveillance system and a state-of-the-art political warfare machine.”

Waller tweeted, “Cuba’s Communist Party has the motivation to help return Obama-Biden foreign policy geniuses to power. They gave the regime diplomatic relations with no strings attached.”

Waller said intelligence gathering is “at the core of the Cuban regime” and notes that the United States has never effectively penetrated Cuban intelligence. He suspects the Cubans may have tampered with our elections at the request of the Chinese Communist Party in exchange for economic or other support. “Cuba has never reformed and it maintains good relations with both Russia and the Chinese.”

Waller, who concentrates in propaganda, political warfare, psychological warfare, and subversion, received military training as an insurgent with the Nicaraguan contras. He wants Americans to recognize that the U.S. is “the world’s biggest target. Friend or foe, all countries want to influence our leadership in one way or another. The real scandal is that no one has been trying to do anything about this until Donald Trump.”

Waller said under a Trump presidency, China’s ability to influence American politicians is cut off, “so they are happy to act as agents for foreign powers.”

Waller said Communist Cuba has been meddling in U.S. politics for decades, using sympathetic “assets” to create chaos in our country and ultimately threaten our republic. He points to civil rights activist, avowed Marxist and communist Angela Davis as an example of a Cuban asset. “Angela Davis was recruited by the Cubans in the late Sixties when she was brought to Havana and met with Castro.” Waller said the Cubans sought her out for “the purpose of rioting and committing revolutionary violence.”  He said a lot of the Black Lives Matter movement stems from Davis. “After decades of cultivation, she is producing results for the Cubans,” Waller said. “Yet Joe Biden won’t renounce these foreign assets.”

Waller concludes by saying that if “there is even a hint that Cuba was involved in tabulating of our votes, state legislatures cannot certify the votes from those contaminated machines.”  He said we must throw out any vote that went through those and have all those ballots invalidated. 

“No American should tolerate this. These are the very people who cried Russian collusion and now they are in connection with Cuba. There is no way Georgia and Pennsylvania, and Michigan state legislatures can certify the vote under these circumstances. Zero.” 

Powell told Fox News’ Mario Bartiromo that the voting software used by these states is vulnerable to tampering. “They can stick a thumb drive in the machine or upload software to it, even from the internet. They can do it from Germany or Venezuela even.  They can remote access anything. They can watch votes in real time. They can shift votes in real time.

“That’s why [Biden] said he didn’t need your votes now, he would need you later. He was right. In his demented state, he had no filter and he was speaking the truth more than once, including when he said he had the largest voter fraud organization ever. It’s massive election fraud and it’s going to undo the entire election.”

Catherine Mortensen is Vice President of Americans for Limited Government.

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