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What I Saw at the Trump Rally

So now I’m a klan member!

With the ALG Minute, I’m Catherine Mortensen. This past weekend I joined with tens-of-thousands of fellow patriots in Washington, D.C. to show my support for President Donald Trump. I was shocked (not!) to read that Rep. Ilhan Omer called the event a “klan rally.”
Attending the rally was my way of thanking President Trump for being my voice in Washington and fighting for me these past four years.
Our country is not perfect, but we are a generous nation. We are a God-fearing nation. Instead of celebrating America’s strengths, they focus on her weaknesses. America’s liberal elite do not have an uplifting message. They seek to tear down and destroy the country my ancestors helped build and die for.
The America I saw in that crowd was nothing like the dim view of America held by the Ilhan Omar’s of the world. What I saw that day gave me hope that America’s brightest days are yet to come.
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