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Why We Need An Election Audit

With growing demand for an election audit: what exactly is an audit? With the ALG Minute, I’m Catherine Mortensen.
The purpose of an audit is to make sure that the election was administered properly, that the equipment functioned correctly and counting procedures were done properly and only those eligible to vote voted.
Audits perform a different function than a recount. An audit looks at broad issues such as ineligible people voting whereas a recount looks at specific ballot to determine if they were legally cast. An audit is more likely to identify systemic problems with an election, such as a type of machine that had problems.
The Trump campaign has raised questions about systemic issues that would more likely be resolved by an audit than a recount. Among these are technical issues involving software, like that used by Dominion Voting Systems, which incorrectly gave Joe Biden thousands of Michigan votes.
What we need is for every state legislature to call for a vote audit –
For more go to electionauditnow.org


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