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All we want for Christmas…

We’re not asking for much, just a few small things.

By Catherine Mortensen

Dear Santa,

Here at Americans for Limited Government, we have been good this year. We have fought alongside other patriots to save our great nation from the tyranny of Big Government.

We made great strides in protecting innocent children and slave laborers from the evils of the Chinese Communist Party. We worked with a national coalition to divest the more than $250 billion Americans have invested in high-risk Chinese companies. Many of these companies rely on child and slave labor and participate in organ harvesting. Others are part of the Chinese military industrial complex aimed at destroying America.

When Democrat governors forced small businesses to close during Covid, resulting in the loss of millions of American jobs, we fought to reopen the economy and restore capitalism. We worked with the Trump administration to promote economic policies which helped restore the jobs of more than 16 million American workers.  We know that those stockings will not stuff themselves!

When Big Tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube started banning and censoring conservative views and new stories of Hunter Biden’s corrupt business deals with China, we fought back by seeking out new alternative social media sites to share our message of freedom and limited government. We have reached millions of like-minded followers on Parler and Rumble who also refuse to be censored.

Working closely with the Trump administration, we succeeded in ending the disastrous North American Free Trade Agreement and replaced it with a trade deal which will help rebuild the American economy: the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement.  American manufacturing grew as U.S. auto jobs dramatically expanded due to the changed rules that President Trump negotiated. Overall, the new deal more manufacturing investment in the United States, leading to high paying jobs.

Considering how good we have been, we are not asking for much, just a few small things.

Can we please get an honest election count? Is it too much to ask that every legal vote be counted, and every illegal vote be tossed? Many of us feel like the 2020 election was stolen and no one is being held accountable.

Can we have a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate? We are very worried Democrats will steal two more elections in the Georgia Senate run-offs. We really need to keep a Republican majority in the Senate to prevent a potential Biden administration from destroying America by imposing socialism on this country. The Senate may be our only hope for saving America.

Can we end all U.S. investments in China? Children and religious minorities are being forced into concentration camps where they are forced to labor for companies owned by the Chinese Communist Party.

Can we have a restoration of  economic freedom and an end to all the Covid lockdowns? Americans want to get back to work, back to school, back to being with friends and family. We want to be free again!

Finally, the thing we would like most for Christmas is a Donald Trump second term in the White House. Trump has been a voice for the voiceless. He has fought the D.C. swamp. He has taken on the corrupt media. We have never had anyone fight for us like that before. Please, can you deliver him four more years?

Americans for Limited Government

P.S. Can you please put coal in the stockings of everyone who shut down small businesses, tried to burn down our cities, and steal the election. Thank you!

Catherine Mortensen is Vice President of Communications for Americans for Limited Government.

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