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The Real Impact Of COVID Lockdowns

Left wing economists are downplaying the economic devastation caused by Covid lockdowns claiming that ALL states are hurting economically because of COVID. NOT TRUE. With the ALG Minute, I’m Catherine Mortensen. “Let us state the point very slowly and concisely so our liberal friends understand what is going on here. These are the things we know with virtual certainty after 10 months of the virus.”

Lockdowns have had very limited impact in reducing death rates from the virus, in fact, harder lockdowns correlate with slightly more deaths. The only statistically significant impact of lockdowns is they do SEVERE and potentially long-term damage to the local and state businesses and workers where they are enforced. Almost all of the severe lockdowns are in blue states with Democratic governors and these are the states with VERY HIGH unemployment rates. The blue states of America led by Democratic governors and mayors have tragically turned a health crisis into an economic crisis. For more check us out at Daily Torch.com


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