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01.11.2021 0

Remember all the failures of the past election?

Remember all the failures of the past election? Ballots with no signatures, no voter ID requirements, unsecured ballot drop boxes and on and on. Well, the first bill Nancy Pelosi wants to pass in the House this year is a measure that would eliminate every state’s ability to stop that kind of fraud. This today’s ALG Minute, I’m Catherine Mortensen. But, wait, there’s more. It would give control of the Federal Election Commission to Democrats. It would require state officials to automatically register residents to vote – opening the door to all sorts of errors. It would make it more difficult to scrub the voter rolls of those who have moved or died. It would allow jail inmates to vote. It would allow candidates to use campaign contributions to fund more of their personal expenses. Now would be about the worst possible time to pass such legislation. Of course, if there’s one thing that we know about Democrats it is that they rarely let a crisis go to waste.

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