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Is the FBI corrupt beyond repair?

The FBI has become what it spent the Cold War fighting, the KGB.

By Thomas Swift Justice

Last week, the most recent slap in the face to the American people came in the form of a corrupt FBI lawyer getting a fine less than seatbelt ticket for falsifying documents to violate the civil rights of American citizens. Unfortunately, this is the latest in a laundry list of issues with the FBI.

The most glaring problem with the FBI is its actions during the Russia Collusion hoax. The FBI allowed itself to become the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party. There is a slim chance the law enforcement agency did not know it was being used initially, but it had to know it was being used shortly after the 2016 election. The FBI knew in January of 2017, after interviewing the primary sub source of the Steele Dossier, that the dossier was a fraud.

Did the FBI stop the investigation and apologize to everyone it wiretapped? No, did the FBI start an investigation into Christopher Steele, the dossier author? No, the FBI doubled down, and started a coverup of its actions, that included the framing of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, President Trump’s National Security Advisor.

Recent declassifications of FBI documents show that not only did the FBI know the sub source of the dossier could not vouch for the information in the document, but the FBI interviewed Christopher Steele in September of 2017 and found Steele was biased and, “had statements that conflicted with explanations from two of his sub-sources about their access to Russian officials.” It is important to note, the FBI had been unable to verify anything in the dossier up to this point, despite sending multiple warrants to the FISA Court stating the opposite. What would happen if any “normal” citizen falsified documents and lied to a court?

Here was another chance for the FBI to admit it was wrong and fell for a scam. But once again, it doubled down and continued to investigate innocent citizens hoping for a process crime. Does that sound like the actions of a law enforcement agency with integrity? The actions of the FBI during the Mueller Investigation drew further questions about the ethics of the agency.

Take the case of Roger Stone, an unofficial advisor for President Trump. Stone was also caught up in the Russia Collusion hoax. Stone spent hours in front of Congress and the FBI during the congressional hearings and investigations. When all was said and done, he was eventually charged with a process crime. Stone had been cooperating with Congress and the FBI and showed no threat. Yet when he was charged, the FBI used an ungodly amount of force to arrest the senior citizen with no criminal record for a nonviolent crime. The FBI sent over two dozen agents in tactical gear and vehicles… and a boat. All this for a man with no criminal record or history of violence. To keep this in perspective, the FBI sent more people after Roger Stone than they did for mass murderer Whitey Bulger. The FBI was also kind enough to alert media unfriendly to Stone so the entire arrest could be documented for political purposes. Here, the actions of the FBI seem more inline with politics than justice.

Yes, participating in a coup is bad enough, but perhaps the worst of recent FBI conduct was its action or lack of action during the USA Gymnastics sexual abuse scandal. Larry Nassar was a former USA Gymnastics team doctor and professor at Michigan State University. Over the course of Nassar’s almost two-decade career, he sexually abused at least 265 young girls. Nassar has since been arrested, tried, and sentenced for his heinous crimes, but dozens of young girls could have been spared had the FBI been bothered.

Between the time the FBI was first notified of Nassar’s actions in July of 2015 to his arrest in November of 2016, he continued to see dozens of young girls. What was the FBI doing for almost a year and a half, while young girls were being abused? Olympian Aly Raisman told Savannah Guthrie when she was finally contacted by the FBI, she asked them “what took so long?” She was told “we wanted to wait until the Olympics were over.” No one from the FBI has come forward to refute her claim.

Supposedly, there is a DOJ OIG is investigation into what happened, but to date it is unknown what has been done or if anyone has been held to account for the FBI’s failure. This is par for the course, as the FBI and DOJ like to discipline themselves nor do they like to let Congress know when they make mistakes.

Now the institutionalists on Capitol Hill and the media will say this is only a sampling of the FBI and not representative of the 99%. The problem with that theory is that the FBI tree is rotten from the core. Everyone involved in the Russia Collusion hoax was at the top of the FBI hierarchy. Everyone that lied to the FISA Court and knowingly signed documents that were false, were supposed to be the “best of the best” at the FBI.  One must then ask the question, how did so many unscrupulous people get into the FBI, then advance up the ranks to lead the agency? Is that what the FBI looks for in leadership?

The FBI has become what it spent the Cold War fighting. The FBI has become an agency that investigates its political opponents, covers up its crimes, believes it is unaccountable to the people, and acts with impunity. The FBI has become the KGB.

Thomas Swift Justice is a pseudonym. Due to the rise of cancel culture the author asked to remain anonymous.

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