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Doctor says Covid restrictions on school children are ‘crime against humanity’

“It is urgent that people know about this push to rid us of our autonomy and freedom. I have sympathy for the children. They are making them into docile people and this is a crime against humanity.”

By Catherine Mortensen

Harvard-trained psychiatrist Peter Breggin, MD is sounding the alarm about the long-term psychological impacts Covid restrictions are having on our children. After viewing a recent viral social media post of high school students forced to play band instruments inside bizarre one-man tents, Breggin said, “it looks to me like an upright coffin.”

Breggin, a former consultant at the National Institute of Mental Health, has been called “The Conscience of Psychiatry” for his many decades of successful efforts to reform the mental health field.  He is joining others on social media raising questions about the lengths some are going to keep students, teachers, and staff safe in schools. Social media lit up over the images, with people wondering what these over-the-top health precautions are doing to kids. One person tweeted, “We have reached peak absurdity. The nation is doomed if we don’t dismantle the administrative state right now.”

Breggin said these lockdown are “destroying our children by training them to be docile,” and ultimately pawns of what he calls the “global predatory system.” It is a system he compares to the Deep State that operates in the shadows in the United States. He described it as the ultimate network of wealthy corporate and political elites.

A friend of his recently told him of a troubling sight in the United States that looked like something from the former Soviet Union or communist China. “He described a line of children, maybe four years old, walking down the street with a teacher with masks,” Breggin explained. “None were holding hands. Each one had their hands behind their backs. Each one was looking down at the ground.” Breggin, who is 84-years old, believes the restrictions are aimed less at public health and safety and more at social engineering. “I was a kid during World War II, and I never saw anything like these even back then. Americans have never been docile like this, even in wartime.”

“And the more you can mask a child, the less they can connect, and less they connect the more docile they become.  Similarly, the more that you teach them to do absurd humiliating things, the more they give in to anything you demand. Ultimately, the more freedom you take away from them as children, the more you can take away their freedom as adults.”

How do we get out of this?

Breggin said parents must push for alternative schools as a solution in the near-term. But the long-term solution will require freedom-minded Americans organizing at the grassroots level and running for local elected offices in the schools, cities, and counties. “We need a grassroots movement, not just about children and not just about COVID-19, but about retaking freedom and rethinking our country.

Breggin, who is the author of more than 20 books, has a new book that goes into detail about the global effort to retrain our children, “COVID-19 AND THE GLOBAL PREDATORS – We Are the Prey.” It is in the final stages of publishing, but Breggin believes the information is so important to get out, he will immediately provide an unpolished manuscript PDF as a bonus with an order for the discounted prepublication order for the book.


You can preorder the book at www.WeAreThePrey.com. “It is urgent that people know about this push to rid us of our autonomy and freedom,” Breggin explained. “I have deep empathy and even sorrow for the children. They are being made into docile little people and this is a crime against humanity.”

In case you were wondering about life at the Wenatchee, Washington high school inside those weird tents, Principal Eric Anderson claims all are happy to be back at school. “It is amazing the level of energy in the building, having adults interacting with kids but also the conversations of adults to adults,” Anderson told Wenatchee World. “You get kids back in the building, you get a lot of smiles even with masks on. You can tell people are happy.”

Breggin commented, “Of course, the children are joyful to get back to any kind of school with their friends. They have been isolated and cooped up for months against their wishes.”

Catherine Mortensen is Vice President of Communications at Americans for Limited Government.

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