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Why the Ma’Khia Bryant Police Shooting Matters to Your Personal Safety

The Bryant case reveals the radical left’s ultimate agenda is to eliminate all police protection for law-abiding citizens. It is a flat out attack on any police officer doing their job.

By Brett Kimball

When a police officer in Columbus, Ohio fatally shot 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant, a Black teenager who charged at two people with a knife, major news outlets spread the story like wildfire, taking special care to note that this occurred within moments of the verdict being read out in the Derek Chauvin trial. They claimed the incident was yet another instance of blatant racism on the part of the police, and therefore indicative of the ever-present leftist boogeyman of systemic/institutional racism on a national scale.

But that’s not what this case is really about. This case is important because it reveals the radical left’s ultimate agenda is to eliminate all police protection for law-abiding citizens. When combined with their desire to disarm us, we see that under the Democrat utopia Americans would be left defenseless.

The woke crowd along with their dishonest allies in the media wasted no time getting to their usual brand of race baiting and division tactics, keen-eyed viewers of the original footage of the incident saw something different. In fact, one could even take a passing glance at the video footage and immediately recognize the lie being spread by our media. Bryant was not an innocent player here. The video, which clearly shows an altercation taking place, also shows Bryant gripping a knife and lunging at another young woman. The other girl in the video was unarmed and pinned up against a car. Had Columbus police not taken the shot, the girl in Bryant’s sights would have been dead or seriously injured.

One thing everyone can stipulate is that it’s always a tragedy when a life is lost, but the cop who took the shot saved a young girl’s life that day. There was a grand total of nine seconds between the moment the officer stepped out of his vehicle, and the moment he took the shot; another fact the media chose to ignore. In that short period, the officer only had time to call out, see that Bryant was already mid-swing with the knife and choose to react.

Presumably “Police officer in Columbus, Ohio saves life of young black girl” would be a much more fitting headline, but that wouldn’t allow our media to sow the division they so desperately crave. So in order to fit this story into the all-important narrative, they had to actively ignore almost every key element of the situation, and focus almost solely on race. So according to the media, this was just another white cop shooting another black American.

The damaging effects of this narrative, however, are already being felt. With racial divisions at lifetime highs for most Americans, the issues of race and more specifically policing at-large are very touchy among the voting public. The Democrats know that if they can play off people’s fears and attribute racial animus to every unfortunate incident between people of different ethnicities, they can keep us divided and keep their grip on the narrative and conversation.

The Bryant story is both a tragedy and an example of police heroism. If it had been reported as it happened, it could have been a much-needed step towards reconciliation and recognition of the public’s collective need for good policing.

That’s why it’s so important for us to speak up against the rampant media manipulation we see going on today. A situation where the deciding factor in whether a story becomes national news or not is the skin color of those involved, where any facts, no matter how clearly recognizable, can be distorted and twisted or covered up all together, in order to push a damaging and divisive narrative designed to keep us locked in pointless conflict with each other.

It seems like the left will never stop trying to fit the square peg that is the harsh realities of police work, into the round hole that is systemic racism. If we’re going to take back this country, we can’t let ourselves be manipulated by their lies anymore. We must face the fact that the radical left in this country is bent on eliminating our law enforcement and leaving us defenseless.

Brett Kimball is a college student and grassroots conservative activist from Gaithersburg, MD.

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