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Burnout from Too Many Meetings

Meeting burnout got worse in the pandemic and back to the office hybrid schedules could make things even messier. With today’s Americans for Limited Government Minute, I’m Catherine Mortensen. We are deep in the age of the never-ending check-in. Meetings have gotten shorter during the pandemic, according to researchers, with one paper finding the average length dropped 20% in spring 2020. But meetings are multiplying. There’s the 25-minute client touch-base, the general life catch-up with your manager, the bite-size performance feedback session, the meeting to prep for the meeting. We were already on the road to meeting burnout before the pandemic. A shift from hierarchical organizations to de-layered ones means more bosses and teams to coordinate with. Increasingly global business means invites for times when we’d normally be in bed. Constant check-ins have become some bosses’ version of micromanaging, a way to keep tabs on workers they don’t trust. Perhaps it is time for Americans to get on with business. Return to the office and quit all the whining! For more check us out at the DailyTorch.com

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