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Manning on Bill Meyer Radio Show: No one at the Pentagon wants to be Gen. Westmoreland

At the end of the day, Joe Biden will  be held responsible for the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. But in the meantime, it’s a circling firing squad in the swamp.

Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning joins Medford, OR radio host Bill Meyer each Friday at 9 am ET to catch up on the latest in the fight for limited government. This week, Manning shared insights into the Afghanistan debacle and what it means for the nation.

“We know that the intelligence community leaked the phone call  between Biden and the Afghan president, as a way to protect themselves,” Manning explained. “They want it known that Biden knew the Afghan military was not up to the job of defending the nation against the Taliban, and that this was not a failure of the intelligence community.”

“As for the top brass at the Pentagon,” Manning added. “No one there wants to go down in history at the next Gen. William Westmoreland. So, don’t expect any profiles in courage from them.”

“At the end of the day, Joe Biden will be held responsible. The American people will see through the spin.”



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