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Manning on DOVE TV: The Afghanistan Disaster is Being Swept Under the Rug

“Our national media is failing to do it’s job in a gigantic way. What happened in Afghanistan is having ramifications all over the world and is making the world less safe.”


Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning is a frequent guest on DOVE TV, a Christian news outlet based in the Northwest. This week Rick and host Perry Atkinson talked about the tragedy that is Afghanistan and the Democrat’s continued attempt to pass two massive spending bills.

Perry Atkinson: Are you concerned that the whole Afghan mess is slowly being swept under the rug?

Richard Manning: Yes. It is a real tragedy and is having ramifications all over the world and is making the world less safe. It is gigantic fail of our media. They are choosing to turn a blind eye to the disaster because the media doesn’t want to blame Biden or any of his people because the reporters depend on those people to be their inside sources. But the truth is the Biden administration owns this. And it wasn’t a mistake. All of this was by design. This was the plan.

Perry Atkinson: The president’s rating reflect that people are getting it. Despite the neglect of the national news media,  it appears that Biden has lost credibility and the American people don’t like what he is doing.

Richard Manning: There is some thinking among Democrats right now that a dramatically weakened president is going to make it harder for them to pass their massive so-called infrastructure spending bills. Those Democrats will not face any pressure coming from their voters. The House has been on recess for over a month now, and the Members are back home hearing from their constituents. I don’t think their voters are demanding they pass these two bills. Destroying our domestic energy sector just isn’t popular in most districts. We have a president that cannot be trusted by allies abroad, and allies in America understand that, too. They are less likely to follow Biden and they will do what is in their political interest. That spells trouble for Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending bill.

Perry Atkinson: So you don’t think they are going to pass it?

Richard Manning: It definitely will not pass at the $3.5 trillion amount. It may pass at a much lower spending amount. But the real problem isn’t so much the money as it is the guts of the bill. The Democrats are putting horrible things in their that would fundamentally transform America. The bill includes a measure that would give the IRS full access to every banking transaction anyone makes who has at least $600 in their account. It is a step toward creating a Chinese-style social score for all Americans.

To view the full interview watch here.


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