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Manning: Biden’s ‘solutions’ don’t work

Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning is a frequent guest on News Talk STL radio in St. Louis, MO. This week Rick and hosts Mike Ferguson and Ken Williams talked about Biden’s record of failure his first year in office.

Host: President Biden just told us that he’s over performed. He’s outperformed expectations.

Richard Manning: I guess the expectations in the Biden household were pretty darn low. I think Americans expect a president to have more than two things on schedule each day. But what was he going to say, “I’ve been an abject failure. I’m not up to the job. Sorry people but I’m here for three more years. You’re stuck with me.” But given the you can compare what he says and what has actually happened, I think people come to their own conclusions. I don’t believe most people think that they are better off today under a Biden presidency. His 33 percent approval rating shows that.

Host: I was surprised to find out that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki went on Fox News this morning, which is unusual. Do you think that type of thing is an indication that the Biden ministration is is actually aware now that they’re losing middle America?

Richard Manning: I think what they’re trying to do is sort of tamp down the kind of fervent disagreement from the middle. Joe Biden’s problem is not a Republican problem. Joe Biden’s problem is an independent problem. And he’s not getting any support from independents. His problem is a Hispanic problem and he is starting to see some some erosion in Black Americans.

Biden’s problem is that everything he views as a solution, actually makes things worse!  And people have come to the conclusion that his solutions don’t work.  The bottom line is people reject what he’s doing. Their lives are worse. They don’t want to be told to get used to it empty shelves and higher prices. And we have we have a border this porous.

Host: Inflation is an obvious result of spending policy, monetary policy, fuel prices direct result of limiting supply. I mean, these are things that that are should be obvious to most people. Why is it you think that the White House given how bad things are looking for their midterm elections, that they’re not finding some way to backtrack on bad policies?

Richard Manning: I think what’s really happening is they are trying to fundamentally change America. And there’s going to be massive pain resulting in that. And so they are they are loading the paid up front the first year of his term, and hope that people get used to the pain by the time he’s up for election in four years or somebody else’s up for election in four years. So Biden is essentially a sacrificial President, to do things to move the country so far to the left and away from a free market economy, that it is almost impossible to shift back because you become dependent on different on different pieces of fundamental building blocks in your country. And that’s what they’re trying to do this fundamental fundamental shift. And there’s pain associated Joe Biden’s presidency.


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