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Trump’s Truth Social website has launched two weeks early! Sign up to follow Trump and Americans for Limited Government

By ALG Staff

Truth Social is now available on desktop and Android in website form! According to a press release from Wednesday, they’re ahead of schedule of their original anticipated release date of May 31st. The new social media app was started by President Donald Trump, with former Representative Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) as the company’s CEO, is a place for free speech where conservatives can say what’s on their mind without the fear of censorship. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have been silencing conservative voices for far too long. Now, with Truth Social, non-liberals finally have a platform where we can speak our minds without being shut down.

Thank you, President Trump, and Devin Nunes, for giving us a voice! Truth Social coming to the desktop unlocks free speech for millions of Trump supporters, conservatives, moderates, and even classical (non-authoritarian) liberals who favor hearing all sides of a particular argument but lack access to iOS products (iPhones and iPads).

For the tens of millions of Americans who were inspired by President Trump’s populist leadership style, and who love free speech, but don’t have access to an iPhone or iPad, they will want to sign up for their new Truth Social account by visiting TruthSocial.com. You’ll now be able to hear the latest about what’s on Trump’s mind without the filter and bias of the mainstream media.

Americans For Limited Government has an account on Truth Social. Once you signup, make search to click here to follow us!

Trump announced that he would be favoriting Truth Social over all other competitors, even if Elon Musk follows through with his promise to reinstate Twitter, which is now less likely than ever given the bots problem that was exposed on Twitter.

This early launch is great news for those who want an early access into what could become one big story around politics and media entertainment industry corruption in America today — especially considering everything we’ve seen happen since happen since Biden has taken office.

Trump Media & Technology Group also announced plans for expansion including offerings of “non-woke” entertainment via TMTG+, a Netflix competitor which will serve as “the home for a wide variety of non-scripted, scripted, and original content.”

With more and more alternatives to Big Tech’s monopoly emerging, things are looking brighter than ever for First Amendment advocates. Thank you for reading. Comment below with any questions! Remember to follow us on Truth Social by clicking here or by searching limitgov in the Truth Social website/app search bar. Talk to you soon!

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