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Fox News EMBRACES ESG Since 2020! Tucker Carlson FIRED For A Reason.

Fox News has been touting its ESG, ‘diversity and inclusion’ goals since 2020 in annual ‘corporate social responsibility’ reports, and NewsCorp, too

After Tucker Carlson’s firing by Fox News, do high ratings even matter anymore? That might be a good question one might ask from Fox News’ termination of Carlson, the station’s most highly rated host, who was easily winning cable news’ battle for the 8pm slot for years, with an average 3.25 million viewers a night for the past four months. For years, Carlson was critical of the Black Lives Matters and Antifa’s use of riots in 2020 following the killing of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis, Minn., and of tyrannical Covid policies. But these also sparked organized boycotts against Carlson’s advertisers by social and political groups favoring Democrats. So it should surprise nobody that Fox Corporation, which owns Fox News, and NewsCorp (which used to own Fox) and owns the Wall Street Journal, have been touting the biggest boycott of all: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals in their corporate filings in order to attract woke investment dollars since at least 2020, a review of the companies’ corporate filings reveals. Fox’s explicit ESG reports appeared to follow the company’s removal in 2019 from Vanguard’s ESG fund. It wanted those woke capitalist dollars. Fox has been touting its “diversity and inclusion” corporate agenda that include legally questionable racial and gender hiring quotas in apparent violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act by the company as recently as its 2022 “corporate social responsibility” report.

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