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TRUMP Reaches RECORD Highs Among GOP AFTER Indictment! American people LIVID!

Poll: Trump widens lead in GOP nomination after indictment. Is anyone surprised?

Following the indictment, former President Donald Trump improved his lead on his closest rival, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination in the latest CBS News-YouGov poll taken June 7 to June 10, now leading by 61 percent to 23 percent. The crosstabs are fascinating. Among Republican primary voters, 40 percent said the indictment made them more likely to vote for Trump, compared to 4 percent who said it made them less likely to support him. 60 percent said the indictment made no difference whatsoever, in a poll where he leads by 38 points. That included a spread of 41 percent of independents who said it made them more likely to support Trump, compared to just 2 percent who said it made them less likely. This might be a confounding outcome to Trump’s opponents, not just inside the GOP, but also in the White House and among Democrats in Congress. And yet, it’s the predictable outcome for anyone outside of the Washington, D.C. Beltway.

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