07.04.2023 0

The Wacked Reason Liberals Ignoring Biden Family Criminal Allegations

Every day another shoe drops on the Biden family’s criminal probe –seriously, how many shoes does this family have? I follow this stuff pretty closely and even I cannot keep up with all the whistleblowers that have come forward to testify — and all the outrageous, treasonous, credible allegations of felony crimes. The lack of accountability is mind blowing — don’t even get me started on that Hunter Biden plea deal. I don’t think there is a single American who believes justice was served. What happened there was a joke. Hunter got a slap on the wrist for doing what any one of us would have been thrown in prison for a decade – at least.

So what’s the liberal spin on why they IGNORE the Biden family criminal allegations — check out this clip from the ladies of the View — it will make your head explode!

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