Cartoon: Emperor Cuomo


Excuse me if I’m not willing to unite behind Biden

By Catherine Mortensen Nothing feels right about what is happening in America. Not the fraudulent election results, not the politicized court rulings, and not the biased media coverage. All have converged in a perfect storm to steal this election from Donald Trump. I don’t believe for one […]


Cartoon: Trust But Don’t Verify


Shocking MRC Study Shows Media Prevented Trump Landslide

  By Megan Marzzacco A new report from the Media Research Center (MRC) shows the media’s role in thwarting what should have been a landslide win for President Trump in the 2020 Presidential race. The MRC surveyed Biden voters in seven swing states (AZ, GA, MI, WI, PA , NV and NC) and […]


Cartoon: The Other Red Wave


‘I’ll fight until they put me in the ground’

“It is our job to make certain that our children and grandchildren enjoy the same freedoms that we grew up with. Americans fight for freedom.” By Catherine Mortensen It’s been three weeks since the election and with the vote verification process is still ongoing many freedom-loving Americans […]


Why Obamacare Needs to Die: One Man’s Healthcare Nightmare

  “It is the worst of all worlds, high deductibles, high premiums.” By Catherine Mortensen Mason Bishop’s Obamacare nightmare began nearly eight years ago when the 52-year old launched a consulting business. With enactment of the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, Bishop’s family has embarked on […]


Our entire election system may be fatally compromised

Trump lawyers laid out ‘irrefutable’ case of massive voter fraud By Rick Manning At yesterday’s news conference, former New York City Mayor and U.S. attorney Rudy Giuliani made a compelling and virtually irrefutable case that the Biden campaign engaged in a nationwide voter fraud scheme. Giuliani, who rose to fame through his prosecution of […]


Cartoon: Free Speech Ass-assin


Kooky Covid Thanksgiving: ‘Myself and my two dogs’

How you react to the CDC recommendations and government restrictions may be all in your head. If you are hard-wired to be fearful, you’re more likely to accept and even embrace the lockdowns. By Catherine Mortensen With Thanksgiving just one week away and governors imposing new Covid […]

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