The vaccination rebellion is real, even if Joe Biden ignores it

As more and more individuals and groups speak out, resist, and defy the government mandate, freedom will prevail. By Catherine Mortensen Americans everywhere are defying President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates. Airline CEOs, members of law enforcement, medical providers, independent businesses, and retailers are pushing back in a […]


ALG Launches Freedom Merchandise: Just in Time for Christmas!

Our organizational mission is to limit the size and scope of government and this merchandise shop will provide one more avenue to fund that fight.  By Catherine Mortensen Americans for Limited Government launched a merchandise store on Monday morning designed to provide liberty lovers with unique products […]


Liberty Merchandise Hits the Web

Americans for Limited Government launched a merchandise store on Monday morning designed to provide liberty lovers with unique products to enjoy or give as gifts.  All products will be made and shipped from America, so this Christmas you won’t have to worry about your gifts […]


Manning on Chosen Generation Radio: Columbus should be honored

Christopher Columbus deserves our honor and gratitude. Instead, the woke crowd in America seeks to tear him down. Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning is a guest each week on the Chosen Generation Radio Show with host Pastor Greg. This week they spoke on […]


Manning on LaCrosse Talk with Mike Hayes: Election integrity comes down to three things

If you want election security and integrity, the best security is to show up and vote in-person, and expand the number of polling places. Vote in person, show an ID and may the best person win. Mike Hayes: People are already concerned about the integrity […]


Manning on Bill Martinez Show: Democrats have relied on media as their messaging arm for too long

 Democrats aren’t used to anyone in the media asking them hard questions. Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning joins nationally syndicated radio host Bill Martinez every Wednesday at 9:30 am ET to talk news from Washington. This week Rick and Bill talked about Speaker […]


Rick Rant: The Week’s 4 Craziest Stories!

With so much craziness going on, it’s hard to stop at just 4 stories, but let’s give it a try! By Richard Manning Haitian illegal immigrant leader vows violence if not allowed into the United States Really? This is a declared invasion by people who […]


Washington Post: Black and other minority voters lose faith in Biden’s ability to deliver on campaign promises

“Frustration is at an all-time high, and Biden can’t go to Georgia or any other Black state in the South and say, ‘This is what we delivered in 2021.’ ” By Catherine Mortensen Joe Biden’s approval ratings are at historic lows, but it’s not just conservatives and independents […]


Manning in Townhall: Civil disobedience American style – look who is awake now!

“There’s something happening here, But what it is ain’t exactly clear.”  – Buffalo Springfield, “For What It’s Worth” 1966 By Richard Manning TOWNHALL There is a feeling of disquiet in the air in America. KMED talk radio host Bill Meyer in Medford, Ore. and I spent […]


Biden reinstates catch and release with more than 227,000 illegal aliens released since Jan. 2021

This is a return to the chaos and lawlessness on the border across party lines that preceded Trump’s tenure of office and serves as a partial reminder of why Trump was elected in the first place. By Robert Romano President Joe Biden has reinstated “catch and release,” […]

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