Black Americans are contributing to Biden’s tanking poll numbers

“As Black voters experience economic pain, their approval of the party in power—Biden and Congressional Democrats—has fallen.” – HIT Strategies By Catherine Mortensen President Joe Biden’s approval ratings are plummeting, and not just among Independent voters, but even among some of his most staunch supporters, Black Americans. According to HIT Strategies, a millennial and minority-owned public opinion firm, Black Americans’ net approval for President Biden stood at +76 percent in the summer and fell to +62 percent by October.  While the […]


As Biden approval rating tanks and legislative agenda languishes, Congress struggles to finish work on $3.5 trillion stimulus

If Biden spends all his political capital on big spending bills, that could mean his legislative agenda is already almost over. By Robert Romano Believe it or not, President Joe Biden’s first term of office is already 20 percent over, and with 2021 almost in the rear-view […]

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