Cartoon: Captain Oblivious

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Cartoon: Scary Poppins


Red wave 2022 seems almost inevitable

By David Potter The midterms outlook keeps getting worse for Joe Biden and the Democrats. According to data from a new CBS YouGov poll , the priorities of the American people are poorly represented in the DC beltway. Issues that concern Americans the most are also the same issues in […]


Biden’s Wealth Tax: A Bad Idea that Cannot Be Ignored

By Rick Manning Imagine a world where you were not taxed on how much you earned in a given year, but instead on how much your wealth appreciated. To some this sounds like something straight out of John Lennon’s communist manifesto, also known as the song “Imagine.” […]


Democrat-controlled House Oversight Committee ignoring Hunter’s laptop to focus on NFL workplace conditions

By David Potter Last Tuesday, Democrats on the House Oversight and Reform Committee  denied a motion  for a subpoena that would compel President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, to testify as a witness on electrifying the vehicle fleet belonging to the USPS. Republicans on the Committee seek to question Hunter in […]


Cartoon: Highway Robbery


Biden is trying to deny the laws of economics with our food supply just as he thinks he did with energy

By Sheryl Kaufman A few Executive Orders quite quickly flipped the U.S. energy supply situation from surplus to shortage. Just wait until you see what they can do to the world food supply. President Joe Biden campaigned on destroying the American fossil fuel industry. On […]


Cartoon: Hidden Agenda


Is Joe Biden’s low approval rating permanent?

By David Potter According to a new Ipsos/Reuters poll that was conducted on March 21st and March 22nd, Joe Biden’s approval rating has continued to fall to 40 percent, with Americans citing economy and foreign conflict as their top concerns. It was discovered that 54 percent of Americans had […]


Cartoon: Firestarter

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