Biden’s Economy: High inflation, high gas prices, empty shelves

Biden’s rejection of the free markets and capitalism is the reason he is failing. The only question is whether Americans will be waiting in bread lines before they demand that this administration stop their war on reliable energy and allow truckers to do their jobs. […]


Manning on CURE America TV with Star Parker: Beware of Biden’s Spending Spree

Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning is a regular guest on Star Parker’s CURE America TV s how. This week Manning was a part of a panel discussing the Democrat’s $3.5 trillion spending bill. Star Parker: The $3.5 trillion spending bill proposed by President Joe Biden and his progressive friends […]


Rubio bill would empower Americans to ‘fight woke corporate elites’

“Patriotic Americans who love their country and the opportunity it provides should be able to fight back against the growing tyranny of the woke elites running corporate America.” – Sen. Marco Rubio By Catherine Mortensen Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) introduced the Mind Your Own Business Act, which would enable […]

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