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Manning on CURE America TV with Star Parker: Beware of Biden’s Spending Spree

Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning is a regular guest on Star Parker’s CURE America TV show. This week Manning was a part of a panel discussing the Democrat’s $3.5 trillion spending bill.

Star Parker: The $3.5 trillion spending bill proposed by President Joe Biden and his progressive friends on the Left called the “Human Infrastructure Bill” is being debated in Congress right now.  Most of it is to build the socialist paradise that Senate Budget Chairman Bernie Sanders and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dream about: new household entitlements, new employer mandates, Medicare benefits expansion and all kinds of corporate welfare subsidies in the name of the Green New Deal and industrial policy spending.

The last thing the American people need is a slowed down economy with a bloated federal government that sends us further into debt.  We can’t afford it! The result will be higher taxes on corporations and on capital gains and when corporations have to pay more, then you and I have to pay more in gas prices, in food prices, in goods and services these companies provide. It is a disastrous way to approach an already troubled economy post Covid.

Richard Manning: The fact is that under the Trump economy the lowest 20 percent of wage earners gained the most, and the top 20 percent of earners saw the least gains. That was because under Trump we were creating jobs and people who had been out of the labor market for years were reentering the workforce, there were jobs and there was hope. That was the key to it, the free enterprise system. But the left, with this bill, and with everything they do, they try to destroy the free enterprise system.

We have to understand that what looks like disaster and destruction by the Biden administration is in fact part of the Democrat’s plan. They want to destroy minority communities because destruction means dependency on the government.

Star Parker: Rick, can you please walk us through how the Democrats are even able to pass these massive spending bills outside of normal procedure. It’s all pretty complicated.

Richard Manning: The rules of the Senate allows them to pass two “budget changes” in a single fiscal year, which goes from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30. A budget change is supposed to be something small. But what Democrats are doing is essentially trying to fundamentally transform America through this measure. We have to stop this bill now, because once it is passed, we are stuck with it. We only need one Democrat in the Senate to say no and we can kill it.

Other panelists include: Steve Moore, economist, and founder of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity; Bill Walton, Managing Editor, Host and Executive Producer of The Bill Walton Show; Horace Cooper, Senior Fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research, and Tom McClusky, Vice President of Governmental Affairs for the March for Life.

To watch full episode click here and view episode 58.


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