Rick Rant: Intimidation in Kenosha and Corporate Board Rooms

By Rick Manning The Rittenhouse case makes me sick. There is supposed to be a presumption of innocence in this country and the case is classic self-defense. Even the prosecution’s witnesses gave testimony suitable to acquit Rittenhouse, but the politics forced this trial. Kyle Rittenhouse is on […]


Reclaiming Corporate America from the Woke Mob

The woke left has dominated the corporate policy voting process while conservatives stay home.


When I “Woke” I realized It Wasn’t A Nightmare, Corporate America Had Become A Political Party

The nightmare continues with the recent weaponization of corporate America against traditional values and Civic Alliance Party members moving into an economic sanction scenario, evidence that corporate America will do what it takes to bring their game of politics to a whole new level. By […]

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