Manning in Townhall: Klobuchar’s Fake War on Big Tech

Klobuchar has now introduced her Senate version of the American Innovation and Choice Online Act. Instead of restricting Facebook from censoring you or accessing more of your data, the Klobuchar bill would actually give Facebook more access to your data through their apps on your […]


ALG on Chosen Generation Radio Show: Facebook doesn’t care about you, they are all about the $$

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning joins Pastor Greg Young each week to talk about the news of the day from a Biblical perspective. This week Pastor Greg shared that Facebook took down a faith promoting video he had posted to a Christian church in India. […]


Facebook admits their censorship of COVID origin stories was fake news

Given their history, news outlets should wear being censored on Facebook as a badge of honor, and a proof point that they are over the target in exposing the left’s failures and false narratives. By Rick Manning Facebook has announced that it will no longer ban posts about the Wuhan Lab origin of the COVID-19 – […]

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