Biden’s America: Lowered Expectations

We are living in Biden’s America, and in it, nothing works as expected. And I refuse to lower my expectations. By Catherine Mortensen I recently dropped into a national chain’s diagnostic lab near my office in Northern Virginia for some routine lab work. (As a Type I […]


Biden Rationing Life-Saving Treatment to Republican States

“They’re going to start rationing it. There’s not a shortage. There isn’t some crisis, but they’ve decided they’re going to start rationing it. This reeks of politics.” – Sen.  Marco Rubio By David Potter The Biden administration is rationing the supply of monoclonal antibodies to […]


Vaccines: Your Body, Your Choice

Americans for Limited Government opposes government snoops going door-to-door asking vax status by Brett Kimball President Joe Biden announced his administration’s plans to deploy a door-to-door “strike force” aimed at “educating” communities with low vaccination rates. This drew immediate uproar from the public whose reaction, […]

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