David Potter

David Potter is Communications Coordinator for Americans For Limited Government

David Potter

Biden Rationing Life-Saving Treatment to Republican States

“They’re going to start rationing it. There’s not a shortage. There isn’t some crisis, but they’ve decided they’re going to start rationing it. This reeks of politics.” – Sen.  Marco Rubio By David Potter The Biden administration is rationing the supply of monoclonal antibodies to […]


Poll: Americans say Biden’s Mandates are Unconstitutional

By David Potter Most Americans oppose President Joe Biden’s extra-constitutional vaccine mandate. According to a recent poll from the Trafalgar Group/Convention of States, 58 percent of Americans do not believe Biden has the constitutional authority to impose such a mandate and 56 percent support the efforts of state governors to […]


Coronaphobia made fear an idol and the unvaccinated heathens

“All one’s neighbours are in the grip of some uncontrolled and uncontrollable fear. . . In lunatic asylums it is a well-known fact that patients are far more dangerous when suffering from fear than when moved by rage or hatred.” — Carl Jung By David […]


Biden’s embrace of green energy threatens America’s energy independence

Biden’s policies are fueling rising energy costs and giving more power to unfriendly nations. By David Potter The investment into solar and electric over the past two decades has been enormous, but the demand for energy continues to outpace the supply of these alternative sources. […]


Democrats and Republicans Unite Against China Virus

 Now that the Democrats have politicized the virus and got what they wanted, they are starting to be more truthful, which is rare these days. By David Potter President Trump called Covid-19 the China virus because it originated in China. He was labeled a bigoted […]


Techlash: How Silicon Valley is Losing the Battle

By David Potter Techlash has arrived. People are more skeptical and resentful of the tech sector than ever before. For conservatives, censorship plays a big role in this distrust. Around the world, and here at home governments are starting to act to curb tech overlords. […]


Patriots Rejecting Executive Overreach on Covid Lockdowns

“Fear, panic, and coercion are not ideal strategies for managing viruses. Intelligence and medical therapeutics fare much better.” By David Potter It is no secret that Democrat governors used Covid as an excuse to rule with an iron fist. These governors engaged in massive executive […]


Conservative Colleges Flourish While Woke Schools Go Broke

Many liberal schools are seeing declines in enrollment and could be forced to close their doors in the coming years due to lack of revenue. By David Potter Conservative and Christian universities across the country are dramatically increasing their enrollment numbers. Critical thinking, math, and […]


Critical Race Theory Is Getting Crushed Nationally

Past racism cannot be reconciled by formally implementing racism into the present. By David Potter   As parents come to realize the caustic nature of Critical Race Theory (CRT), state legislatures and schoolboards are starting to ban it entirely. Critical race theory has been effective […]


Reclaiming Corporate America from the Woke Mob

The woke left has dominated the corporate policy voting process while conservatives stay home.


Cancel Culture Hits Home as Conservatives Marginalized in Affordable Housing

Conservatives and liberals used to agree to disagree and remember above all else that they share a common, American heritage. This is not true anymore. Many liberals are refusing to rent to conservatives and even evicting them after discovering their political leaning. By David Potter […]

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