Democrats’ economic plan seeks to expand permanent dependent class

The reality remains that there are still about five million fewer people in the labor force than when the pandemic turned our nation’s economy upside down in February of 2020. By Richard Manning More than  1.1 million more people  were employed in November than October with gains of a […]


Manning in Legal Newline: COVID no longer an emergency!

Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning was quoted in the Legal Newsline, a legal trade publication, speaking out against Covid vaccine mandates. From LEGAL NEWSLINE: PHOENIX (Legal Newsline) – Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich was justified in threatening the city of Tucson with sanctions if it […]


Trump was right. We’ve learned to live with the virus.

A year ago, former President Donald Trump said “we are learning to live with Covid,” and as hospitalizations and death rates from the virus continue to drop in 2021 without a return to lockdowns, it appears he was right. So, why do some officials still […]


What Fresh Hell is This? Cult of Fauci Continues!

Comedian James Corden’s viral video confirms the left continues to worship at the feet of Fauci. By Catherine Mortensen Americans, perhaps even the world, seem to be living in two different realities, as evidenced by the latest viral video touting Covid vaccinations, and following the “wisdom” of […]

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