Manning on Real America’ Voice News: This is a wholesale attack on free speech!

It is stunning that the U.S. government is declaring hundreds of thousands of parents domestic terrorists for caring about their children’s education.   Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning joined Real America’s Voice News host Steve Gruber to talk about how parents can fight […]


Attorneys General Vow to Protect Parents Against Weaponized FBI

“This dangerous federal overreach imposes a chilling effect on free speech by criminalizing dissent. I will always advocate for parents and will continue to push back against unprecedented federal overreach.” By Catherine Mortensen Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt this week sent a letter to the Department of Justice and Attorney […]


Biden’s Attack on Public School Parents Cannot Stand

Americans have a right to speak out and organize in favor or against public policies. By Richard Manning President Joe Biden’s Attorney General, Merrick Garland’s memo directing the FBI to investigate parents who speak out at school board meetings has shocked the nation. The Biden administration has gone into full attack […]


Democrats weaponize Department of Justice to undermine election integrity

Under President Biden there is a pattern of DoJ abuses targeting Biden’s political opponents. By Catherine Mortensen Just two days after the Democrats’ vote-rigging bill failed in the Senate, the Biden administration rolled out its plan B to undermine election integrity: weaponizing the Department of Justice (DoJ). Attorney General Merrick Garland announced […]


Biden administration calls for ‘whole of society approach’ to fighting political opponents

Backs up calls for crack down on opponents with $100 million in new spending for FBI, DHS, DoJ By Catherine Mortensen Attorney General Merrick Garland called for a “whole of society approach” to fighting domestic  terrorism  in a speech Tuesday, going along with the administration’s national strategy for stamping out violent extremism. […]

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