ALG leads fight to protect patients’ access to lifesaving COVID meds

We are urging House Members to cosponsor legislation that would stop Joe Biden from rationing access to monoclonal antibodies COVID treatments. By Catherine Mortensen Americans for Limited Government (ALG) last week sent a letter to House Members urging them to support critical legislation that would prevent President […]


Manning on Michael Yaffee Radio: Exposing Democrat Lies about the Debt Ceiling

Americans are waking up to the economic crisis that Democrats are creating! Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning joins host Michael Yaffee of WVNN radio in Huntsville, AL every Friday morning at 11 am ET to talk news of the day. This week they […]


Manning in Townhall: Rubio’s Response to Biden Health Rationing puts Democrats in Tough Spot

President Joe Biden is the latest in a long line of Democrats who seem to think that just because they got elected to office, they should determine what patients should get which medicines. TOWNHALL By Richard Manning What is it with Democrats and their desire to […]


Cartoon: Life’s a Beach


Biden Rationing Life-Saving Treatment to Republican States

“They’re going to start rationing it. There’s not a shortage. There isn’t some crisis, but they’ve decided they’re going to start rationing it. This reeks of politics.” – Sen.  Marco Rubio By David Potter The Biden administration is rationing the supply of monoclonal antibodies to […]

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