Did the CIA just try to overthrow President Trump to cover up the origins of Russiagate in Ukraine on behalf of Biden?

By Robert Romano In 2017, President Donald Trump’s conversations with foreign heads of state in Mexico and Australia — which are classified information — were leaked to news outlets with the purpose of undermining U.S. policies on immigration, the southern border wall and refugees. Americans for Limited […]


Obama rushes to admit 110,000 refugees by year’s end

By Natalia Castro President Obama once pledged to admit 100,000 refugees from around the world into the country by the end of 2016. Recently, he has decided that number was simply not enough, he has rushed the vetting process in order to admit another 10,000 refugees by the end of the year , […]


While Washington, D.C. dithers after Brussels bombings, American people line up for hours to vote the bums out

By Robert Romano After a brief lull in the discussion, Islamic State terrorists in Brussels have reminded everyone including the American people just how explosive, literally, the issue of borders and immigration plus the threat of radical Islam can be in the 2016 presidential cycle. As America […]


Trump’s thought crime sparks debate on travel restrictions

By Robert Romano Consider these facts. One of the Paris bombers was posing as a refugee with his passport, and so, racing against time, Congress took up legislation to increase FBI monitoring of refugees fleeing the war in Syria and Iraq that would come to the U.S., of which 10,000 are expected. And, then, after the San Bernadino attacks where one of the killers was a Pakastani […]


House passes ‘cynical’ refugee bill

By Robert Romano Yesterday, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed without much consideration a proposal that would require some additional FBI scrutiny for about 10,000 refugees from the war in Syria and Iraq over concerns that they cannot be properly vetted because of inadequate intelligence on who the bad guys are. Those concerns […]

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