Cartoon: Mostly Peaceful Takeover

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Cartoon: TDS, Truth Derangement Syndrome


Elon Musk smokes out radical Twitter investor and employees

Today’s column has two quick hits on issues that matter. First on the docket is the left’s on-going attack on Senior Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas which have been unrelenting for the past thirty-one years since his nomination by President George H.W. Bush.  The […]


If he transforms Twitter, Musk will be demonized as severely as Trump. He should do it anyway.

By David Potter The Left loves free speech, but only if their speech is freer than that of people outside of their tribe. As big tech’s social media platforms have saturated American culture over the past 10-15 years, Silicon Valley technocrats have gained a previously unimaginable power- […]


New Twitter Rules Violate Spirit of a Free and Open Internet

“Google, Amazon Web Services and Twitter, among others have violated the foundational concept that the internet should be free and open, replacing it with the autocratic idea that unelected billionaires should determine what their customers are allowed to say and think.” – Richard Manning, President of […]

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