What to do about the Left’s growing anger and hysteria

I want to focus on character, what someone is like rather than what lever they pull or what politician they endorse. Honesty, compassion, insight, and a quick wit should be present across the divide. But this outlook has taken more and more effort to maintain […]


Why the Ma’Khia Bryant Police Shooting Matters to Your Personal Safety

The Bryant case reveals the radical left’s ultimate agenda is to eliminate all police protection for law-abiding citizens. It is a flat out attack on any police officer doing their job. By Brett Kimball When a police officer in Columbus, Ohio fatally shot 16-year-old Ma’Khia […]


The Youth Perspective on Woke Corporate America

“We shouldn’t stoop to the level of these woke liberal activists who will cancel you for a wrong thought. But when a business makes the choice to alienate a large portion of their customer base, customers absolutely have a right and a responsibility to respond […]

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