TOWNHALL GUEST COLUMN: Corporate Media’s Hate for Trump Caused Them to Ignore the Story of the Century

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning is a weekly columnist with Townhall Media. This week Rick writes about the failure of the media to investigate the origins of the deadly Covid virus. Townhall.com By Rick Manning The corporate media’s rolling admission that they missed the biggest story of the […]


Facebook admits their censorship of COVID origin stories was fake news

Given their history, news outlets should wear being censored on Facebook as a badge of honor, and a proof point that they are over the target in exposing the left’s failures and false narratives. By Rick Manning Facebook has announced that it will no longer ban posts about the Wuhan Lab origin of the COVID-19 – […]


Republican lawmakers face uphill battle in fight to learn origins of Covid-19 virus

Lawmakers seek answers to the source of virus, not to point blame or seek revenge, but to ensure we are better prepared to prevent another pandemic in the future. By Catherine Mortensen As Americans begin to slowly emerge from the government’s Covid restrictions, Members of Congress are […]

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