Pelosi, Schumer take small businesses hostage—again. The trouble is they’ll kill the hostage.

By Robert Romano Small business relief that was included in the $2.2 trillion legislation passed by Congress and signed into law by President Donald Trump to shore up payrolls of millions of American workers during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic has been so popular that it is in […]


Time to turn the American engine on again

By Rick Manning “Fear Not.” These are the words that Mary heard from the Angel Gabriel who then told her that “she had found great favor in the Lord,” announcing that she had been chosen to be the mother of Jesus. Even Mary found fear in the […]


We need to reopen the economy ASAP while there still is an economy

By Richard McCarty The Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, noted last week that the economy is quickly deteriorating – and this is after the Federal Reserve and the federal government have both taken extraordinary measures to shore up the economy. Of course, Powell is not the […]


It took 50 states to get to a national lockdown, and it will take 50 states to reopen—and that’s a good thing

By Robert Romano In order to combat the Chinese coronavirus and to save as many lives as possible, 42 states have issued stay at home orders , and another three have some parts of their states closed, in order to combat the Chinese coronavirus. All 50 states have schools closed. In addition, with the national […]


We need to reopen the economy ASAP before our small businesses are decimated

By Richard McCarty Nearly half of US workers are employed by small business, and the coronavirus and the shutdowns are taking a severe toll on these businesses. According to a survey by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), 92 percent of small businesses have been harmed by the coronavirus. Of these […]


Another 6.6 million jobs lost to Chinese coronavirus, up to 19.6 million lost and counting, but Main Street will reopen very soon

By Robert Romano Weekly unemployment claims in the U.S. were up another 6.6 million, bringing the total jobs lost since the Chinese coronavirus pandemic to anywhere from 16.6 million to 19.6 million as federal and state government closures continue to in order to stave off the virus and protect the elderly and […]


After Chinese coronavirus, we need to make essential items in America based on strategic need—and enough of them

By Robert Romano There are many lessons for our country to learn from the Chinese coronavirus both from a public health perspective as well as the capacity of the federal and state governments to critically impact the well-being of the U.S. economy negatively as is being seen […]


$350 billion of forgivable loans for 8 weeks won’t be enough to save 30 million small businesses, Mr. President

By Robert Romano One of the key aspects of President Donald Trump and Congress’ $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief package are provisions for $350 billion for 30 million small businesses to cover payrolls for 60 million Americans for eight weeks to encourage people to stay home to wait out the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. Along with the expanded unemployment and credit facilities covering critical […]


Up to 13 million jobs lost in less than a month amid government closing economy to win war on Chinese coronavirus

By Robert Romano Unemployment claims hit an all-time record at 6.6 million last week amid the national lockdown to combat the Chinese coronavirus and save as many lives as possible. 45 states have issued stay at home orders in their states, including 38 that have issued them for the […]


States must carefully reopen as soon as possible to save small businesses across the country

By Richard McCarty Yesterday, we learned that over 6.6 million people filed for unemployment insurance last week; the week before, over 3.3 million people filed as states have closed their economies. In over 50 years, including during the Great Recession, we never saw numbers that were anywhere […]

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